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A modern way of growing your sales team is by implementing best practices and nailing your sales process from lead to close. The best way to improve sales is improving the process: the backbone of every sales organization. A customized Sales Playbook will help you to avoid your sales team reinventing the wheel.

Yuri van der sluis has founded and created to help modern B2B sales teams around the world, discovering smart ways to accelerate sustainable growth.

Your Sales Process Designed from start to finish

Your pitches, battle cards and all you need to impress you clients

Your Sales Strategy and tactics to increase those conversions

We get it done for you

"Writing Sales Playbooks yourself can be a daunting task. Rest assured you can now rely on a partner that can get it done for you. By gaining a deep understanding of your business, people and process, we can lay the foundation on which you can scale and continue your path to grow. "

Playbook Content

Your Company,
Purpose & Mission

Get your team fully aligned with your company, vision, mission and purpose. The more excited your team is the better they can connect to your most important prospects and clients.

Your market, trends & opportunity

Share great insight of your market, the most relevant trends with your sales team, so you can transmit thought leadership and ensure everyone is moving to the right direction.

Your ICP, Buying persona and value propostiion

The more you know about your target market, the better you can communicate specific value proposition, adapt your messaging, strategy and process.

Your Sales Philosophy, strategy and approach

Every member of the sales organization should follow the culture and approach. If this is in alignment with a powerful, different and effective strategy, your team is ready to scale.

Your lead &
opportunity Process

This is the cornerstone of every sales playbook. Mapping out the sales process that is in sync with the buying process. This helps your sales team to drive deals forward successfully.

Your messaging and
client engagement

How your sales team ends up communicating with clients make all the difference. From the ideal qualification, pitch, demo, objection handling, close to using effective templates.

" Turn your traditional sales approach into a deal winning sales process and crush your competition "

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