'You don't close deals, you open relationships'

Creating and managing your funnel has little value if opportunities are not converted.

Every entrepreneur, small business owner or sales professional needs to know how to convert trust and demonstrated value into solid business relationships. In today's B2B sales it has been proven that on average acquiring a new customer costs 5 times more than keeping one. The more reason to find the right customers with the right contract that goes along with it. And once sales has landed the right type of new customer, chances are high this account will grow.

Once a customer experiences urgency to move forward,

sales should already be drafting the contract.

When you have both the customer and yourself convinced of the potential value on the table, there is no need to further delay the improvement. It requires confidence to take the lead and guide the customer. You would be amazed how much leverage and credit you have, once you have established that level of trust with your customer.

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