My vision

In today’s Sales world trust is all that matters to make a difference. Without trust the sales professional can’t create value, and without value, your customer walks or won’t be willing to spend anything more than the lowest possible price. According to the report ‘Death of a (B2B) Salesman by Forrester Research’, almost 60% of buyers prefers not to interact with a sales rep to buy their goods or services. This shocking high number is an opportunity for any company or salesforce to approach buyers differently. It becomes a true competitive advantage to have your sales force get to that trustlevel, so value can be unlocked and created, benefiting both the customer and yourself.



In my professional journey I have always been passionate about sales. The ability to forge new relationships, making a difference for the customer, ability to excel and grow as a person. In my 15 years of selling I had to unlearn the old sales techniques of pushing myself, my product and story onto the customer. They had proven to be counterproductive and counterintuitive. Something just wasn’t right. Then everything changed. I came to realize that reason for sales success came when I was with complete awareness of my prospect’s situation and how a deal could benefit them. On top of that it gave me much more satisfaction. I was contributing to the success of my customer. That was and is my sales profession. The last 12 years I have been passionately helping hundreds of sales organizations truly embracing their ability to excel and take their opportunities to another level.




When you have your entire sales team together in one place, you have this great opportunity at your finger tips. You can have your sales people truly get engulfed by your vision, desired change or key message. This opportunity should not go to waste. The right external speaker can empower you to reach your goals. Let’s brainstorm together how we can maximize impact with your sales force.