Yuri is a very gifted speaker who radiates energy into the room and never fails to inspire the audience regardless the subject

~ Remco Rijnhart

Via a 2 hour interactive session with a lot of enthusiasm, energy, storytelling, concept selling tools he created an amazing vibe

~ Sjoerd van den Dungen

Yuri possesses a very contagious energy field around him, resulting in inspiring conversations and very creative business sessions

~ Jeroen van Velzen


Sales is all about continuous improvement

Every sales interaction is an opportunity to become better and improve. The key task of every sales team is to create a loyal customer by finding the best way to be relevant to them. Sales strategies that don't work:

Mistake #1: Me, myself and I

Focusing too much on talking about what you have to offer or how great you are, disregarding the person you believe you are in a position to help. To create value, you must first build a healthy foundation based on earned trust.

Mistake #2: Copy, paste & repeat

Not being relevant enough to your prospect. You could be targeting the wrong audience or using the same approach to target different types of businesses and people. This can appear as a serious lack of empathy with the people you are trying to influence.

Mistake #3: Just start with whatever

Closing deals at such a transactional level that prospects lack an understanding of your actual value. Not only can clients seek ways to break the contract, but you lose the opportunity to have a satisfied customer, who could be buying more and serve as an active ambassador for you.

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Yuri van der Sluis gained endless insight by applying such world-renowned sales strategies as Solution Selling, Proactive Selling, Consultative Selling, the Challenger Sale, and Spin Selling. He coupled this accumulated sales knowledge with his field sales experience and observations of thousands of salespeople. Yuri van der Sluis then turned these insights into a framework that can help build you a healthy sales approach based on the essence of sales, rather than on the use of quick tricks or generic and obsolete sales tactics.

Be ambitious

Good sales is not good enough. Transform a pretty good sales force into an outstanding one. As products try to set themselves apart from the competition, the sales team also needs to find its own unique selling proposition. First earn trust, then build value, so you can solidify this value in healthy contracts. Yuri van der Sluis is dedicated to help you succeed in achieving your dreams and objectives.

Every transformative message deserves a stage

In the process of taking your sales team to another level, sales people need to be invigorated. Next to that the need to be facilitated in becoming aware of strength, skill and opportunity. Take your event to the next level and check out the speech programmes.

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